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Terms and conditions


At Arjie we try our upmost to provide our customers with a reliable and quality service. Please read these terms of conditions carefully before using Arjie services, by using any of our services you signify your agreement to be bound by these terms.




1. Deposits


If our customer leaves a deposit to secure a booking date, then we are unable if cancelled to refund this deposit. If any deposit left was over the amount of 10% of the total job cost, we can refund the remaining amount in excess of the 10% total job deposit amount, at the managers discretion.


2. Application Warranty 


We offer a 12 week application warranty to our work for free to our customers. In short, this means if any issues arise during the first 3 months, we will attempt to rectify these issues to the standard we provide, or within reason, to the standard set by our customer. This includes the vinyl provided by the manufacturer, or related to the application of the vinyl.


3. Extra Work


If the situation arises when extra work on a vehicle is to be completed whilst the in the possession of Arjie. i.e. (Paintwork rectification) This work must be mentioned and agreed verbally prior to being undertaken but is at the risk of the owner once accepted and there may be associated fees.


4. Time for completion


Most work completed by Arjie is bespoke work, this means customised for each customer who chooses our services. Delays happen and can be expected, if a time estimate was given, it was an estimate only and in no way provides a fixed deadline for Arjie to complete the work. Times for completion of our work vary and therefore on occasions, it may be sooner or later than the times estimated. If this does occur, then Arjie is not liable for any loss which may concern the customer. For example. Vehicle hire. Loss of days at work. 


Trim Removal

We will need to de trim your vehicle where necessary and will take all appropriate precautions, at times, small plastic clips or retaining pieces can snap or break. We will take all effort to replace or fix these items within reason. 


5. Payment


Any date for payment of work can be done at the discretion of our customer. The latest any payment can be made is upon collection of the vehicle. We cannot allow a vehicle to leave our premises after work has been completed unless payment has been cleared in full. (If dissatisfied see 6) Cheque or any other form of payment which may have a payment clearing date, must clear before the vehicle can be released.


6. Dissatisfaction 


If a situation arises where a customer is dissatisfied with:


6A. The finish of the bespoke work: Arjie will do the upmost effort to rectify any issues with the job completed to the high standard we provide. We will also attempt to rectify any issues to the standard proposed by the customer.


6B. Colours: If any work has been completed on a vehicle but the colour is not suitable for the customers requirements, any work completed with a colour agreed prior must be paid in full. If the customer wishes to complete the work again in a new colour, this is at the cost of the customer, with discount at the discretion of the Manager.


6C. Unwanted: If for any reason a customer uses Arjie services and works are completed but the customer is dissatisfied. Arjie are unable to provide a refund for the work finished which was requested. Reversal of any work will have associated fees.


7. Refunds


We do not offer refunds on work completed on any vehicle due to the nature of our work, bespoke customised work unfortunately cannot be replicated as all vehicles are different. Materials cannot be re-used meaning any work undertaken required consumable materials which have their related fees.


8. Vinyl Wrap Removal


Arjie are happy to remove vinyl wrap aswell as install it. However if a job is completed by Arjie which the customer wishes to immediately remove due to personal opinion or dissatisfied for any reason. There will be a removal fee for removing the vinyl.


9. Paint Damage After Removal


If in the unfortunate situation we remove any vehicle wrap or film from a customer vehicle and in which on some rare occasions the paint peels, cracks, pulls away, or de-laquers. Any situation which causes damage to the paint or vehicle, this is our customers responsibility. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the paint is in good condition or OEM (Factory).

10. Defective Paint work

The successful application and removal of wrapping film is only possible on original factory paintwork. Any damaged, flaking or weak accident repair paint work will not allow the film to bond correctly.

For these reasons we cannot offer our customers any warranty on wraps over defective paintwork and any future wrap repair / replacement work will be chargeable at panel rate.

If your car has special surface treatments we need to be informed of these. Any possible micro wax nano coatings present on the surfaces of your vehicle will cause a failure which we will not be liable for. We will need to use a special chemical to remove these coatings and we will not be liable for the wrap failing if you do not inform us prior to the start of the wrap.


11. Limitations of the wrap


At times we will need to place lower tension inlays and joins into your wrap which will be almost invisible. We do this out of professionalism for the best durability of our workmanship and so that your wrap has its full lifespan. If there are no joins on deep recesses this usually means a slightly more aesthetic result but the resulting weakness is not worthwhile. Over stretching the vinyl one of the number one causes of a wrap failing. This is due to diluted adhesive coverage.

Handle bowls on front and rear bumper, air intakes and mirrors are the most common areas for consideration and we reserve the right to make expert decisions on any area we deem an issue.

Although wrapping offers stunning finishes, textures and effects, wrap is not paint. A wrap offers you the option of a temporary colour change (bespoke advertising/look) and to protect the original paintwork underneath until removed.


12. Pre Wrap Inspection

We decontaminate and carefully clean and inspect your vehicle before we start wrapping on the surfaces, during this period we will complete a vehicle inspection checklist. This checklist will be emailed to you, you must sign and return a copy of this by email to us. Once received we will commence work.


13. Pre-Wrap Inspection observations

It may be whilst inspecting your vehicle we have suspicion or evidence of a resprayed area or panel, this will be noted in our inspection. Based on the judgement of our staff here at Arjie, we can recommend what to do, from here there are two options.

13A Continue: We may be able to continue without resolving the worked area immediately, our customers must be aware that we may continue work without rectifying these issues immediately, however on some occasions it can create damage during the application process, this damage must then be rectified before continuing further, the associated fees  will be billed to our customer.

13B Resolve issues and continue: It may be our customers decision to fix the worked area before continuing, or it may be necessary to fix it later, in order to achieve the desired result from our work, therefore we will make the appropriate arrangements to fix and continue with the work, with the customers permission.


14. Abuse

We attempt to deal with all our customers fairly, we do not discriminate any group and we expect likewise from our customers. Under no circumstances do we tolerate any form of abuse to our staff, police will be called if this occurs and the situation will be dealt with professionally and accordingly.




We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time. If a revision is material we will try to provide at least 30 days notice prior to any new terms taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined at our sole discretion.

By continuing to access or use our Service after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised terms. If you do not agree to the new terms, please stop using our services. 

We are located at:

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